Boarding gate 47

Year of production:  2019

Size: 2000L x 3000W x 2700H mm

Materials:  Stainless steel, Marble

Introduction of works:  

The huge whales inhale and exhale, taking the rough with the smooth. They swim freely across the ocean and all around the world. It is like they were born with a lofty vision to see the wonders of the world and explore new knowledge. During the process of their exciting adventure, they discover new things and their life becomes positively blooming.

Abstract techniques are used to create the posture of two whales jumping out of the water. The whale’s body is decorated with a wavy pattern in a leisurely manner, which is a defining characteristic of my own paintings. It is as if you come to the airport with your best companion and set off to a new corner of the planet to learn new things and explore the beautiful world.

Art Display Master Plan in Hong Kong International Airport


登機閘 47

創作年份: 2019

尺寸: 2000L x 3000W x 2700H mm

物料: 不鏽鋼、大理石