Blooming II

Boarding gate 35

Year of production:  2019

Size: 750L x 1300W x 1850H mm

Materials:  Stainless steel

Introduction of works:  

In my mind, dreaming is no different from exploring. They are both novel and exciting. In the process, new things can always be discovered. Unlike “Blooming Heart I”, “Blooming Heart II” is made of different materials. Different materials bring out different views and interpretations, which guide our lives in different directions and bring out more choices, thus making our life bloom in a positive way.

The head is made of stainless steel, and the sound sleeping state is created with abstract techniques. The back is like a dream designed with a wavy pattern in a leisurely manner, which is a defining characteristic of my paintings. It is as if you now come to the airport to set off to a new corner of the world, while your inner strength is rekindled to see the beauty of the world.

Blooming II
Blooming II

Art Display Master Plan in Hong Kong International Airport

Blooming II

心花怒放 II

登機閘 35

創作年份: 2019

尺寸: 750L x 1300W x 1850H mm

物料: 不鏽鋼


在我心目中,做夢與探索沒有兩樣,都是新奇而刺激。在那過程中總能找到不一樣的新鮮事。與「心花怒放 I」分別之處,是「心花怒放II」採用了不同材料製作而成。不同物料帶出不同看法與解讀,令接下來的人生有著不同的方向與選擇,因而大放異彩。