Installation art created by Raymond Pang


Dark clouds

Materials: Bamboo strips, Chinese ink, adhesive paper

Size : 6000W x 600D x 5000H mm

Introduction of works:  

Hundreds of meters of bamboo strips are connected together, painted with Chinese ink, as if the ink is floating and condensing in the air. Each knot joins together to form a utopia, like clouds blowing in the wind.

烏 雲



尺寸: 6000W x 600D x 5000H mm


數百公尺的竹篾相連,用中國水墨繪製,如墨漂浮在空氣中凝結。 每個結連在一起,形成一個烏托邦,就像風中飄揚的雲彩。



Rotate surging trace

Materials: copper, wood, mechanical, Polylactic acid(PLA)

Size : 2000W x 500D x 2000H mm

Introduction of works:  

This is an artwork inspired by my experience in Triathlon.

I reassemble my racing bike, long time but now retired

partner, with copper, wood and motor, to bring it back to life.




尺寸: 2000W x 500D x 2000H mm





SECRET DRAWERS (45 year ago drawers)

Media: Device interactive media

Materials: oil pen on wood, bamboo, hemp rope, copper tube, paper, projector

Size :  415W x 500D x 900H mm

Introduction of works:

SECRET DRAWERS / Whether it is in its physical or virtual form, everyone will have a secret drawer, a place to keep the most precious memories or a dream that you once had. It could be the teddy bear from your granny, a lighter that belonged to your ex, an umbrella or just a telephone number. Secret drawer is an open invitation from Raymond Pang, inviting you to peep into his world through his art pieces and at the same time sharing yours and walking down the memory lane together.

You are invited to upload a photo of your drawer on instagram  #raymondsecretdrawers

oil pen on drawers
More than 100 media messages

思 處 ( 四十五年油木抽屜 )



尺寸: 415W x 500D x 900H mm


思處 / 每個人都會有一個有形或無形的秘密抽屜,裡面裝載著各式各樣的物件,可能是心愛的毛毛熊、前度用過的火機 、一把雨傘以至一個電話號碼,這些都是我們的回憶和夢想的印記。彭氏透過他的作品邀請各位一同窺探他的內心世界,同時在是次展覽中加入互動原素,希望與你共同踏上思想旅程。

誠邀各位上載你的抽屜相片到 Instagram   #思處 或  #raymondsecretdrawers


The Whale

Media: Installation

Materials: Bamboo sticks, cyperus tegetiformis, wood, plastic, projector machinery

Display area: 8000W x 6000D mm

Introduction of works:  

I always have a close bond with the ocean and whales and only through recent research I come to know that whale is a symbol of inner voice and creativity.  Hence, I have dedicated this installation to my first solo exhibition.

“The whale” is composed of two parts, the tail is a wooden sculpture which is one of my beloved piece among my earliest work.  Whereas the body is made of bamboo sticks, this is a form of Chinese traditional art which I was very lucky to learn from the few experienced professionals in Hong Kong, and I hope this traditional handicraft can carry on. 

Mr. Pang’s whale made from bamboo strips has no tail, and the head seems to be searching for a tail carved from wood. During the difficult self-rescue process, he was unfortunately swallowed up by discarded plastic that people fell into the sea.



顯示面積:8000W x 6000D mm




彭氏用竹條製作的鯨魚沒有尾部,頭部似乎在尋找木頭雕刻的鯨尾。 在艱難的自救過程中,不幸被人們落入海中的廢棄塑膠吞沒。