Blooming I

Boarding gate 33

Year of production:  2019

Size: 750L x 1300W x 1850H mm

Materials:  Copper, Mosaic, Cement, Stainless steel

Introduction of works:  

Trapped in a rapidly changing city, people are absorbed in very dull work, day in, and day out, and begin to lose their creativity. Go exploring the outside world! This might help you rekindle your inner strength and drive away your fatigue. There might also be unexpected surprises which come along the way.

The head of this artwork is abstractly shaped, with its facial ripples being collaged with colourful mosaic tiles. The back is a copper plate made to show some wavy pattern in a leisurely manner, which is a defining characteristic of my paintings. It is as if every passenger passing by the airport will be led by these colourful mosaics to relax their minds and forget all the dullness and troubles before they greet another wonderful journey.

Blooming I

Art Display Master Plan in Hong Kong International Airport

心花怒放 I

登機閘 33

創作年份: 2019

尺寸:750L x 1300W x 1850H mm

物料: 銅、馬賽克、水泥、不鏽鋼