Surging Trace V, VI


Surging Trace V, VI

Year of production:  2018

Material : Engrave on acrylic sheet, Japanese paper, Metal Leaf 

Size  : 1150W x 410H x 40D mm (including frame)

Introduction of works:  

The colorless waves, the floating foam reflected with front lights, are mimicking the movements of waves in nature.

浪 縷 V, VI

創作年份: 2018

物料:膠片刻繪, 日本和紙, 金屬箔

尺寸: 1150濶 x 410高 x 40厚(毫米)(包畫框)



“別後絲絲縷縷的愁,淚光如同從心裡剪下的一朵思念,絲縷 還開著花”

Surging Trace V
Surging Trace VI