The Whale


The Whale

Media: Installation

Materials: Bamboo sticks, cyperus tegetiformis, wood, plastic, projector machinery

Display area: 8000W x 6000D mm

Introduction of works:  

I always have a close bond with the ocean and whales and only through recent research I come to know that whale is a symbol of inner voice and creativity.  Hence, I have dedicated this installation to my first solo exhibition.

“The whale” is composed of two parts, the tail is a wooden sculpture which is one of my beloved piece among my earliest work.  Whereas the body is made of bamboo sticks, this is a form of Chinese traditional art which I was very lucky to learn from the few experienced professionals in Hong Kong, and I hope this traditional handicraft can carry on. 

Mr. Pang’s whale made from bamboo strips has no tail, and the head seems to be searching for a tail carved from wood. During the difficult self-rescue process, he was unfortunately swallowed up by discarded plastic that people fell into the sea.



顯示面積:8000W x 6000D mm




彭氏用竹條製作的鯨魚沒有尾部,頭部似乎在尋找木頭雕刻的鯨尾。 在艱難的自救過程中,不幸被人們落入海中的廢棄塑膠吞沒。