Dream to Dream


Dream to Dream

Materials:  oil pen, metal leaf on wood

Size:  400D x 2450W x 230H mm

Introduction of works:  

“Dream” was inspired by my dream – while I was pondering on my next move, I dreamt of myself afloat in the sea, where a shimmering light appeared and guided me to the shore. “Dream” reminds me there is always hope. This is the first piece of work that cross over wood sculpture and my favorite line drawing.



尺寸: 400D x 2450W x 230H mm


追夢是揉合了雕塑與及我最喜愛的線畫。靈感源自我的夢境 – 當我在茫茫大海中找不到出路之際,海面泛起幾片鱗光指引去路。一覺醒來,感到無限安慰,便馬上動手將夢境演化成追夢,提醒自己在如何迷失之時都會找到出路。